Real Madrid – Barcelona: The “queen” is stubborn

Real Madrid - Barcelona: The "queen" is stubborn

Real Madrid – Barcelona: Madrid takes part in the finals of the Liga Endesa. After the first two matches that took place in Barcelona, ​​Real takes on the role of… hostess in a row with the “eternal” opponent Barcelona, ​​for the next two. The “Palau” derby had tensions, nerves on both sides, with the score being 1-1. Despite the absence of Pablo Lasso from the bench, the “queen” entered the finals very dynamically, as she made the break with the emphatic 88-75. However, the story of the second final in Barcelona was completely different. Both in development and in terms of the winner.

Real Madrid – Barcelona: The second final was a big and very ambiguous derby. Nervousness prevailed more, so the score did not escape. At the same time, the two teams were together from the beginning to the end, with the details in the final to judge the score. Both got differences in the second match of the series, but they did not last long. The phase that finally decided the match was Higgins’s two shots in the last seconds. The American made 2/2 from the line and so Barcelona won 71-69. Meanwhile, the foul won by the Blaugrana player from Tavares raised a lot of talk, as for its part Real considers that this was non-existent.


The hours between the third final are few. So whatever emotions the two teams are feeling have already been put aside. Beyond that, the “queen” draws considerable power from her seat. Let’s bet on “ace” Real Madrid with -1.5 points, which we find at odds of 1.85 (TigersBet).

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Author: Judd Olson