Napoli – Barcelona: There will be a battle for 2.10

Napoli – Barcelona: There will be a battle for 2.10

Napoli – Barcelona: The team missed a great opportunity to be at the top of the Italian league, as it remained at 1-1 with Cagliari away from home. It was found to lose at 58’ with 1-0 but as the time passed it increased its performance and reached a draw at 87’. This result left the team at -2 from the top of the standings and there is disappointment for the great opportunity they missed to reach the top. In the first match against Barcelona, they took the 1-1 in Barcelona, in a game that did few things and was lucky in the many opportunities of Barca. Now with the help of its headquarters it wants to get the big qualification.

Napoli – Barcelona: Barcelona got a great victory with 4-1 inside the headquarters of Valencia on Sunday, after an impressive performance. The team scored three goals from 23’ to 38’ and the match was over. It accepted the reduction at 52’, but was not discouraged and with the awesome Obameyang who scored a hat-trick at 63’ the final score was written. It is going from good to better with the transfers that were made and now they are performing. Against Napoli the team was better in the first match, but did not take advantage of its opportunities. It will go to claim the qualification now with Xavi taking with him all the available players he has. Long-term problems.


Napoli – Barcelona: It’s a huge match! Napoli with the help of the headquarters wants to qualify, but Barcelona comes from a great appearance and goes with a forum for qualification. Let’s bet on G/G & Over 2.5 at odds of 2.10 (TigersBet).

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Author: Judd Olson