Monaco – Villeurbanne: The second match does not scare us

Monaco - Villeurbanne: The second match does not scare us

Monaco – Villeurbanne: After two games in Lyon, the series of finals is transferred to Monaco, which has taken the home advantage. The team made a “break” in the first game and Villeurbanne tied at 1-1 emphatically. She won 91-54 again in front of her audience, but again the hosts have a chance to win the title, if they do not lose at home. We believe that this will happen and we will support it in the bet. Sasa Obradovic’s team is better and will prove it.

Monaco – Villeurbanne: We are not affected by her sad image two nights ago, as these things happen. Throughout the year, Monaco has a respectable course that reached two or three shots away from qualifying for the Euroleague Final Four. It has a home that in 21 games has smiled at 18 with just three defeats. At the same time, the guest has a record of 13-6 away from her audience, a fact that shows that she is quite vulnerable when playing away from home.


The two teams know each other very well because they played twice outside France this year, and we believe that the big difference that occurred in the second final, will work beneficially for the reaction of Monaco. Maybe a boomerang will come out for Villeurbanne, which will definitely play with better psychology to claim the “break” of the home.

Since the handicap is not prohibitive and it is essentially enough for us to beat Monaco with one shot (as long as it is three points), we will risk making it even marginally 2-1 today. Let’s bet with “ace” at -2.5 points, which pays at the satisfactory 1.85 (TigersBet).

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Author: Judd Olson