Molde – Elfsborg –

Molde – Elfsborg -

Molde – Elfsborg: It’s the first match of the two teams for the second qualifying round of the third tier of the European competition. The rematch will take place in Sweden next Thursday (28/7). As we know, the away goal does not apply, In the event of the same number of goals in total in both 90 minutes, extra time will follow even if a penalty kick is required. The two teams have never met before.

Molde – Elfsborg: Molde, which premieres tonight, is taking part in the event as the Norwegian Cup winner. Her ambitions are high, since the goal is to participate in the groups. It is in full competitive activity as the country’s championship is in full swing. The first round has already closed for some teams and everyone is trying to achieve their goals. After 15 games, she is on top with 33b. They are in terrible form, riding an unbeaten run of 13 games (11 wins and 2 draws) in domestic competitions.


Molde – Elfsborg: Elfsborg also makes their debut in the Europa Conference League. The Swedish team finished 4th in last year’s championship and got the last European ticket. Like their opponent they are in full action as the Allsvenskan is in full swing. In fact, this is also half way through, since 15 of the 30 matches have been played. Last Sunday (17/7) saw the end of their unbeaten streak of five matches (2-3-0), as they suffered a heavy away defeat of Hammarby 3-0. However, her presence so far is moderate, since she has only 20 b., which brings her to 9th place and -8 from the European places.

Molde has the lead for the win tonight, but also the qualification to the next stage of the competition. Both teams may be in full swing, but compared to Elfsborg they are a class above. We expect her to confirm the title of favorite in the betting and we will honor her, betting among other things on her excellent condition. Let’s bet with option “1” at odds of 1.90 (TigersBet).

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Author: Judd Olson