Great Britain VS Greece –

Great Britain VS Greece

Great Britain – Greece (18:00): Overcoming the problems of injuries and unprepared players that plague it, the Greek National team drew 2/2 against Croatia and Italy. Although the EuroBasket schedule was difficult at the beginning, it came out unscathed and starting today against Great Britain, the team has the chance to end its run in Group 3 with a perfect win, so that she has the best possible place in the knockout phase of “16”.

Great Britain – Greece (18:00): In the bet against one of the weakest teams in the group that has been easily defeated by Croatia and Ukraine, Greece is the absolute favorite, with the handicap being naturally at high levels. Dimitris Itoudis certainly respects every opponent, but he knows that with the… strength the team has and the difference in quality that exists, we cannot be threatened by the British.


That is why he will use today’s game, as well as the one against the Estonians and the Ukrainians, to divide the time more and, above all, to include the injured Papagiannis and Costas Antetokounmpo in the team’s game. But also, to find a better rhythm for Papapetrou and Sloukas who are clearly unprepared. So, based on logic, we will bet on the points that the representative group will achieve. Which despite its short rotation, are good offensively with an average of 87 points, against two much better teams from Great Britain.

We find scoring solutions in many ways, Dorsey is having an amazing EuroBasket 2022 so far and against a defense that already has a passive average of 88 points we can approach big numbers. We are talking about one of the worst defenses in the competition, so our own points limit is a very good option to bet on. Let’s bet with over 91.5 on the points that Greece will achieve, at the very good price of 2.00 (TigersBet).

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Author: Judd Olson