Germany – Italy: Bet on 1.83

Germany - Italy: Bet on 1.83

Germany – Italy: That none of Italy, Germany, England are seen, may be a really big surprise. Let’s not forget that most footballers come from a full season, a year really difficult. Italy 5, Hungary 4, Germany 3, England 2. This is the situation in the 3rd group of A’ category. In the bet, the “ace” is given at 1.70, commonly the European champion Italy is offered at odds of 5.00!

Germany has three 1-1 draws in the first games of the tournament and if with Italy outside and England inside (accepted the draw in 88 ‘) the matches were divided, the one with Hungary was not. She had the possession, but was in serious danger of defeat and what she avoided owes to Neuer. If we put the 1-1 with the Netherlands, in a friendly, we go to the 4 consecutive draws. It remains undefeated for 12 games, after that 2-0 win over England a year ago.


Italy is at the top of the group with 5 points and definitely wants to leave with a result from Germany. In the premiere, it remained at 1-1 with the Germans, then it defeated Hungary 2-1 and a few days ago it remained at 0-0 with England. She did not risk much and left with a result. The team will seek the same here, but it remains to be seen whether she will attempt it in the same way. Florence, Tonali and Pompega are out for the game at “Borussia Park”.

Germany – Italy: We believe that the Italians will try to slow down and “hit” against, but they also tried with England and did not lose. Let’s bet with G / G at 1.83 (TigersBet), expecting that they will find both spaces and goals.

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Author: Judd Olson