Bayern Munich – Salzburg: Strong from the beginning

Bayern Munich – Salzburg: Strong from the beginning

Bayern Munich – Salzburg: The night of February 16th forced the team a lot in Austria and some were surprised by this. If Koman had not equalized in the 90’ (1-1), it would have won a great victory. Would that change anything? Probably not, but it would be mush more interesting. Will Salzburg manage to look competitive in Munich against Bayern? In betting, as we understand, the “ace is given very low. The same goes for goals. The Over 3.5 goal is offered at 1.75. Of course, note that there is no away goal right.

There is no doubt that Bayern Munich is the one that has the most pressure here. Will it work beneficially or will it be worse? It is one of the groups that usually applies first. In the first match, in Austria, it did not reach high standards of performance, but could easily have scored more goals. We remind you, the goal of the equalizer came in the 90’ from Koman. In the league, it comes from the 1-1 draw with Leverkusen, a match that every time will come out Over. It dominated, but it definitely lacked a little better options in the last third of the field. Neuer is ready, Nagelsman said he will play. Outside are Gorecka, Tolisso and Davis with heart problems.


Salzburg has already written history only by being here. We do not even discuss how much noise and success it will make if it manages to eliminate one for the Champions League cup. In the first race, in Austria, the team pushed and showed an excellent image. Now, however, it is a strange phase and we do not know how much it will be affected by the fact that in the past it had many cases of coronavirus. In fact, its game was postponed. It came back with 0-0 away against Lincher and followed 4-0 against Altach. Oko, Koita and Ongene are out, Solet, Okafor and Cesco are doubtful.

Bayern Munich – Salzburg: Nagelsman estimates that Salzburg will push, in some phases of the match, high, as it usually does. We estimate it will go quite conservatively, especially in the beginning. In any case, everything depends on the appetites of Bayern Munich. Let’s bet on them: Goal before 20’, at 1.88 (TigersBet), is our basic suggestion. Hold onto something else: The Bayern coach stood up to the fatigue that Salzburg showed towards the end of the first match, but also to the many cases of coronavirus, and asked his players to continue at a high pace until the end. If the game does not work out for the team from the beginning, the goal is worth it after 79’ at 1.85. Let’s bet with a fun bet that we find in the enhanced odds: Lewandowski to score 2+ goals at 2.92 (TigersBet).

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Author: Judd Olson