Banfield – Argentina Juniors: We are getting a strong price

Banfield – Argentina Juniors: We are getting a strong price

Banfield – Argentina Juniors: One is finding her footing and finding a rhythm, the other seems to be having the best time of the season. Be that as it may, in the bet we find strong values ​​in both points of victory, but also in goals. They also played in the first round, about 4 months ago, with Argentina Juniors doing a “double” with 2-0.

Banfield remained winless for the third game, losing 1-0 away from home to Tageres. She was no good, threatened on few occasions and ultimately left empty handed. It was preceded by a 3-2 home defeat by Union Santa Fe and in between a draw at home against San Lorenzo. So far, in the second round, she has 12 points with 3-3-3 and 11-9 goals. She was off to a good start, but has fallen off a bit now in her last few games.


Argentina Juniors are at their best. It comes from 4 consecutive wins that brought them to the top (along with Atlético Tucuman), having 19 points with 6-1-2 and 14-8 goals. Her last game was the great 2-0 against Boca Juniors. She scored with Karabahal (23′) and Veron (42′) and managed to limit her opponent to a great extent. So much so that he may have given her the ball in the second half, but she was hardly threatened at any point! The last point loss was the 1-1 home draw against Arsenal Saradi on 27/6.

Banfield – Argentina Juniors: Our initial choice was 2-3 goals. In the end, we “twisted” and end up betting on the Goal in both halves. Let’s bet with this option on the possible 2.14 (TigersBet).

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Author: Judd Olson