Atletico Madrid – Cadiz: Value at 1.93

Atletico Madrid – Cadiz: Value at 1.93

Atletico Madrid – Cadiz: Atletico Madrid found it easy in the first round. Won 4-1, in matches where all the goals came in the second half, from 56’ to 76’. The team had scored 4 goals in the respective last year (4-0). The bet is obviously the favorite and the issue is in what situation it will be presented and will stop the “gifts”.

Atletico Madrid made a great game, at the right moment, in the previous match. It defeated Betis 3-1 in Seville and overtook them in the 4th group. If it does not want to get into adventures for the Champions League, is called to “build” a good series. It is now at +2 from Betis and at +4 from Sociedad. Of course, follows the big match with Manchester United at “Old Trafford” after the 1-1 draw in Madrid. Kounia, Ermoso, Lemar, Savic, Vrsalko and Vas have problems, doubtful Korea and Kontogbia.


Cadiz is at the other end. The team is fighting for its stay and is below the relegation zone, having 24 points with 4-12-11 and 23-39 goals. It has three teams close to it, at a distance of up to 3 points, but every game that passes and does not win, things are getting harder. It scored a big victory with 2-0 over Vallecano and before that it had 3 consecutive draws. It’s a good first step, but with the tragic series it had before, has to look for other victories. To be saved, it is estimated that will need at least as many (4) more victories. Antone, Haroyan and Sanchez are out.

Atletico Madrid – Cadiz: It does not make sense to go t the “ace” at 1.32. It is worth going to the 1st Half / 1 Final at 1.93 (TigersBet). Let’s bet on this option.

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Author: Judd Olson