Athletic Bilbao – Getafe: One step up

Athletic Bilbao – Getafe: One step up

Athletic Bilbao – Getafe: Athletic Bilbao has doubled its victories in its home games against Getafe. At 8-4-4 we find the delivery. If you are interesting in betting, last year it got it with the impressive 5-1. That of the first round, on December 6, remained at 0-0.

Athletic Bilbao fought against Betis, but did not succeed and lost 1-0. It was preceded by a 3-1 home victory over Levante. It generally relies heavily on home, where it has taken its last three victories (4-0 against Sociedad, 2-1 against Espanyol). The team is at 40 points having 10-10-8 and 32-27 goals and is very comfortable. It is at -7 from Europe, but it will take overtaking and over-effort to achieve it. Garcia and Martinez are out.


Getafe was left at 0-0 with Valencia and before it was defeated 2-0 by Espanyol. In general, there are five matches left without a win. Last success was 3-0 against Levante on February 4. It did well for a while, got some essentials and moved away from the relegation zone a bit, but wants more points. The team’s main issue remains away from home where has not yet made a “double”. Has 6 draws and 8 losses and 7-19 goals, to be exact.

Athletic Bilbao – Getafe: Athletic Bilbao has the first say in this match. It has a better team and can win the match. We will rest there. Let’s bet on the “Ace” at the nice 1.75 (TigersBet).

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Author: Judd Olson